Rigid PVC Film


  • Thermoforming grade
  • Cold crack forming grade for extreme weather conditions
  • Boxes grade
  • Metalizing grade (gold & silver color)
  • Flame retardant grade


Adding with high impact modifier and stabilizer which enrich excellent die cutting and thermoforming, we serve the film in roll and sheet format. The film thickness ranges 0.15 – 1.0mm with a feasibility of width up to 1000mm


Our film is ideal for deep & shallow draw and is engineered for most packaging application. Being easy de-nesting and mold release with or without silicone coating, it is specifically designed for thermoforming blisters, trays, clamshells and visual packaging

Our boxing grade which comes in non-whitening-fold formulations with optimum product visibility is formed in container box, food box of indirect contact, boxes for detergents, shampoo, cosmetic packaging and industrial items. It’s always found our film to be formed for plastic box for candy packaging, food tray and plate, and in different shape of cylinder / rectangular box.